We all love the fun side of life and exciting pieces of art. All of us have read through folklore and encountered the whimsical creatures in our stories and how they would look if they were real. We do not need to imagine any more as Artdor Gallery brings the mythical creatures alive in sculptures. You dream of the creatures, and I create them for you in my studio.I have many options for your taste. You could go for Bronze, Ceramic, Driftwood & Ceramic,Goblin, or Hoblin, whichever, you like most.There are also high-quality Bronze Goblin <>Sculptures in my Sculpture Garden for you to see .My Online Gallery has images of them if you can’t visit sculpted by renowned sculptors Dorienne Carmel and Julian Jeffery.Moreover, I have several other Garden Sculptures all Handmade in Stainless Steel by the hands of the talented Mike Bigland.

· Handmade Jewellery

The beauty of your jewellery pieces come from being unique and abstract. I have a wide range of jewellery pieces from minimal styles to larger pieces. They come in different designs and colours to accessorise your attire and make you stand out from the crowd.

Why sculptures?

· Varied options

All my sculptures and jewellery are handcrafted. The one of a kind I make you will not find any two alike anywhere else as they are my creations. If you love the uniqueness of the beautiful art pieces, consider viewing and buying from Artdor Gallery. Moreover, I have varied options from which you can choose the piece that matches your preference or ideas.

Life is too short to stay gloomy. I would like to spread the joy to your office, garden and the living room. The expert artists go through the pain to ensure that you get pieces that are not only lovely but also funny to look at. Get a few pieces at your home, and you will be looking forward to reaching home at the end of the day.

· Quality

Quality is our second home. I make pieces that will last for your lifetime and generations to come. I am well aware that pieces of art are the most valuable antique inheritances that any person would ever dream of. I ensure that the materials used will stay in the same condition over the years. After all, art pieces are not things that you buy today and dispose of tomorrow. The main materials that I use include bronze, stainless steel, and ceramics plus others.

We are keen on details

When I make a sculpture that looks like you or a member of the family, it should have your prominent physical features for you to identify with it. Allow me to do just that. I take my time to create sculptures that reverberate your imaginations or images . Even for my whimsical creatures, I create features that bring out the image of the creatures as you know them. This is the reason why my pieces are very beautiful

Where can you view our work?

Would you like to have a look at some of the collection of art and work from leading sculptors such as Dorienne Carmel, Julian Jeffrey and Mike Bigland plus more in my Open Studio Shop?

My work has been exhibited worldwide . I have over the years exhibited with the top arts and craft organisations plus The Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester, my work was shown on the tickets along with other newcomers at the Hampstead Affordable Art Fair.

Other recent galleries the

Rostra Gallery in Bath

The Mardleybury Gallery
High in New Bond Street
Gabriel’s FinArt Canary Wharf
Plus more
September 2017

Moreover, I am EXHIBITING with HVAF at The New Maynard Gallery Hawthorne Theatre, The Campus Hatfield AL8 6BX from the beginning of May all the way to the beginning of June 2017

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