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Info about me

All genres of art are my passion.

Ceramic figures are only one of many Dorienne’s talents.

A client on a visit to see the sculpture garden and studio shop.

located in Elstree Herts.

Buying one of Dorienne’s driftwood and ceramic artworks.

Then inquired if she would make something similar to illustrate herself.

Not being able to resist a challenge said, yes, why not?

Not knowing if she could capture her client’s likeness with clay!

After all, she used to do portraits in oil on canvas.

So why not in the chosen materials ceramic and driftwood.

Photos were sent by email showing in a Taekwondo outfit!

This was the start of the commissions from photographs

She has now added handmade dog coats to her bow.

Searching and not finding anything that appealed;

started making her own designs!

See them on the Jewellery page.

Understanding Dorienne

One of my favourite lessons at school was Art. 

My concentration was never better than painting

or drawing from my mind.

On leaving school, my first endeavour

Trainee window dressing.

The manageress informed me,.

OH NO! you have to serve behind the counter first!

That job didn’t last long. 

With my love of Art.

I was primarily selling my paintings.

At many years at craft shows, and in galleries with other artists.

After a few years, I made a decision to try sculpture joining:

Hatfield University Art and Design department

Tutor Paul Bainfield.

On leaving, I took a course in mould making and Applying Patina to bronze.

With the Clay sculptures I had created.

I then proceeded to find a foundry by the usual method.

Lost Wax the outcome, a bronze sculpture. 

The finished bronzes took so long to be delivered.

Searching out another foundry closer to home. That proved a HUGE mistake! 

I paid at great expense for a days lesson in

investment casting in a foundry:

The subject was three succulents. They were then cast into bronze.

Needing to be fettled.

I  paid a significant deposit.3 bronzes finished plus 1 mould and bronze.

1 elf figure to have mould then cast into bronze.

After many months waiting to hear from this a_____e.

I realised -“HUGE mistake!” 

Never to see my money or sculptures again!

That is the reason I am here today.



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