The Studio



The studio situated in my garden, which is also home to my sculpture garden where you can visit with an appointment. To make a convenient time and date, just text or email or even phone.
Used for both my work and occasionally teaching hand-building to beginners.

My workroom is extremely messy when I work; I never seem to be able to be tidy?
I usually set aside a day after completing a new artwork to clear the devastation!
No sooner I start something new it ends up just as before a tip!
That is why I like to make your visits by appointment.
The sculpture garden, told by my many visitors is magical;
including admiring the garden layout that I am continually changing at a whim.
In the late 1990s: I opened a gallery in Bushey Heath “Once upon a time.”
I had it for a few years.

At first, it was new and exciting than the boredom set in,

and I felt trapped. 10 am -6.00 was not for me!
I became frustrated doing loads of paperwork having to continually dust

alter the displays of other artists work;

“none of my own”!
I decided it was not for me and closed it.
.I now work all the hours I want with very little distraction except at 7.00 pm


Mia tells me by talking to me ( It’s really comical !) in no uncertain way; its dinner time to stop.
I offer kiln hire on request, prices terms on application.
Please either phone -text or email.

To see more of my whimsical, bizarre sculptures made by me do pay a visit.

Themes vary in the artwork expressing the magical to the surreal, that is what, I like to use.







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