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Quirky Ceramic Portraits from Photo's

Capture the essence of your cherished moments with our quirky ceramic portraits, uniquely transformed from your photographs into one-of-a-kind art pieces. Each portrait blends traditional ceramic craftsmanship with a modern twist, perfect for decorating your home or gifting to someone special. Our ceramic portraits offer a timeless yet contemporary way to cherish and display your favourite photos.

Personalized Artistry: Provide us with a photo, and our skilled artist will craft a ceramic representation that captures the personality and spirit of the subject. It's an artistic way to preserve memories in a style that stands out.
Ideal Gifts: Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because, these ceramic portraits make thoughtful and unique gifts that are sure to be treasured.

Decor Statement: Beyond gifts, these portraits serve as a conversation-starting piece of decor, adding a quirky and artistic flair to any room.

Quirky Ceramics: A Splash of Fun in Every Creation

Dive into the world of Quirky Ceramics, where each piece is a celebration of creativity and color. Our ceramics are more than just pottery; they are vibrant expressions of fun and whimsy, perfect for brightening up any corner of your home or office. Explore our vibrant collection and bring home a piece of art that keeps the conversation going.

Unique Designs: From playful patterns to imaginative shapes, our ceramics stand out with their unique designs. Each item is crafted to spark joy and add a touch of playful elegance to your space.
Perfect for Every Occasion: Looking for a special gift or something unique for your home, our quirky ceramics are versatile and suit any occasion and are sure to capture the hearts of all who see them.
Artfully Hand-Crafted: All our ceramics are handcrafted with attention to detail, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike. Embrace the charm of handmade artistry with our collection.

This is a handmade ceramic bird figurine with unusual black, yellow, and white markings, standing proudly on a branch.

Curious Majesty

Handmade ceramic owl sculpture with highly coloured plumage in red, orange, and yellow on the chest and black, grey, and white wings and body.

Cheeky Chappy

Colorful ceramic owl figurine with grey head and chest, vibrant orange and black wings, large brown eyes, and yellow-orange beak."

Colourful Owl

Handmade ceramic robin with black beak, orange-red face, and vibrant body colours, perched on a green base."

Robin Duo

Cheerful Bird: Handmade Ceramic Bird, vibrant with yellow, pink, and blue hues, perched on a branch with a pink worm in its beak

Cheerful Bird

Autumn Whispers Duo: Pair of handmade ceramic robins with black beaks, orange-red faces, and vibrant autumn colours perched on a base."

Autumn Whispers Duo

Early Bird with a Worm: A handcrafted ceramic round bird with a pink face, blue wings, and multicoloured tail sits on a branch.

Early Bird With A Worm

Vibrant Beauty: Handcrafted Ceramic Bird Aculpture featuring vibrant colours and intricate patterns, signed by the artisan.

Vibrant Beauty

Cheeky Swimmer Handmade Ceramic Fish Sculpture swimming against a black and blue backdrop with a shimmering finish and waves base, signed by the artist.

Cheeky Swimmer

This handmade abstract fish sculpture features a sparkly finish over pinks, blues, and whites. Signed by artist

Aquatic Dreams

Handmade ceramic fish sculpture with shimmering dark and light blue hues, accented with pale pink face and red lips.

Serenade of the Seas

A handmade ceramic fish sculpture with a geometric design in pale green, black, blue, red, pink, and white sits on ceramic waves.

Geometrical Catch

Bring feline magic into your home with our handmade ceramic cat figurine.

Adorable Ceramic Kitty

Handmade ceramic pig figurine with pink snout, flower cheeks, grey body, and big green eyes.

Cheerful Pig

Handcrafted ceramic figure of a man in a blue hat with red feathers and eyes closed in relaxation.

Tranquil Moments

Hopeful Bunny: Handcrafted ceramic brown rabbit with floppy ears, green eyes, and black nose, looking upwards.

Hopeful Bunny

Handmade Mermaids & Mermen: Capturing the Enchantment of the Sea

Immerse yourself in the mythical allure of the ocean with our collection of handmade mermaids and mermen. Each piece is expertly crafted to bring the legendary creatures of the deep to life, perfect for those who are enchanted by the sea's mystique. Discover our enchanting collection and let our handmade mermaids and mermen add a touch of magic to your life.

Meticulously Crafted: Our artisan, Dorienne Carmel use intricate details and vibrant colors to create each ceramic figure, ensuring every mermaid and merman has its own unique charm and personality.

Magical Decor: Enhance your home or office with these enchanting figures that bring a splash of magic and creativity to any setting.

Unique Gift Ideas: Ideal for collectors and fantasy lovers, these ceramic figures make magical gifts that promise to enchant.

Handmade ceramic sculpture of two mermaids seated on a rock, with hand-painted faces and vibrant multicoloured tails.

Ocean Embrace

Cheeky Coastal Sitter: Handmade Ceramic Merman, with a blue body, pink cheeks, and a dappled pink tail, is perfect for adorning shelves or mantles.

Cheeky Coastal Sitter

Handcrafted ceramic mermaid with blue body, gold lashes, pink cheeks, and dappled matte tail, perfect for adorning shelves or mantles.

Dreams of the Sea

Tranquil Dreamer: Handmade Ceramic Merman with a flesh-coloured body, gold lashes, and a dotted blue-green rose tail sleeps peacefully on a shelf.

Tranquil Dreamer

Tidal Muse: Handmade ceramic merman with a green body, wire hair, blue eyes, and pink cheeks, perfect for indoor or outdoor display."

Tidal Muse

Jewel of The Sea: Handmade Ceramic Mermaid with silver wire hair, gold rings, and iridescent accents, seated on a rock surrounded by shells and holding a gold key.

Jewel of the Sea

Serenity by the Sea: Handcrafted large ceramic mermaid shelf sitter has a serene green body, pink cheeks, blue eyes, wire hair, and a dappled green and blue tail. It is gazing out to sea.

Serenity by the Sea

Ocean Melodies: Handmade Ceramic Mermaid on sea shell with mixed media, red lips, wire hair, listening to ocean sounds."

Ocean Melodies

Award Winning Sculptures: A Testament to Artistic Excellence

Discover the unparalleled beauty of our award-winning sculptures, each piece a recipient of prestigious accolades for artistic innovation and excellence. Celebrate the craftsmanship and creative vision that have set these sculptures apart in the world of fine art. Explore our collection of award-winning sculptures and experience the mastery that has captured the hearts of judges and audiences around the world.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Each sculpture showcases the pinnacle of ceramic artistry, with attention to detail that elevates them to award-winning status.

Collector's Pride: Ideal for art collectors and enthusiasts, these sculptures represent the best in contemporary ceramic art.

Inspirational Pieces: Not only are these sculptures beautiful, but they also serve as sources of inspiration for artists and admirers alike.

Go Grandma: Award-Winning Ceramic Sculpture laughing elderly woman on a metal bicycle, handmade with mixed media, wire details, on a ceramic base.

Go Grandma

Day Tripper: Award-Winning Ceramic Sculpture figure on a red metal motorbike with detailed wire hair, brown gear, on the wooden block surrounded by ceramic blossoms, handmade by Dorienne.

Day Tripper

Ole Dancer: Award-Winning Handmade Ceramic Sculpture

Ole Dancer

The Golden Dancer: Handmade Wall Sculpture of flamenco dancer in a vibrant multi-coloured dress on a golden background."

The Golden Dancer

Mad Hatter: Award Winning Handcrafted Sculpture inspired by the Mad Hatter from Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass," featuring oversized top hat, gunmetal hue, blue band, white coat, bronze coating, blue bow tie, silver dots, White Rabbit, Dormouse, ceramic base, lump of sugar, whimsical tea party conversations

Mad Hatter

When The Music Plays: Handcrafted Sculpture Honourable Mention was awarded for a stunning handmade ceramic sculpture of a flamenco dancer. Vibrant red and black attire, castanets in hand, with wire-coiled hair, capturing graceful movement.

When The Music Plays

My Treasures: Handmade Ceramic Mermaid Sculpture with twins, showcasing emerging blue tails and wire-coiled hair."

My Treasures

In My World of Water: Handcrafted Ceramic Mermaid Sculpture depicting a mermaid with intricate details

In My World of Water

Handmade Ceramic Various Styles: A Spectrum of Artistry

Step into a world of diversity with our collection of handmade ceramics, featuring a wide array of styles from traditional to contemporary. Each piece is a unique expression of artistic vision, skillfully crafted to bring beauty and individuality to any setting. Discover the rich variety of our handmade ceramic styles and find the perfect piece to enrich your home or collection.

Versatile Designs: Whether your taste leans towards the classic or the avant-garde, our ceramics cater to every preference, ensuring there's a piece that perfectly complements your space.

Artisanal Quality: Our ceramics are made using time-honored techniques combined with innovative designs, showcasing the best of both worlds.

Decor and More: Ideal for home decor, these pieces also serve as wonderful gifts for art lovers and collectors.

Handcrafted ceramic handpainted toadstool sculpture with vibrant red and white toadstools and a round face atop.

Enchanted Woodland

To Be Added

To Be Added

Handmade ceramic mermaid with abundant brown hair, heart necklace, and sparkling blue and green tail, perfect for wall decoration."

Enchanted Mermaid

Windy Day Blues: Handmade Ceramic Wall Hanging Figure of a man in a fair isle blue pullover, clutching his hair on a windy day. Green eyes, blonde hair, and beige patterned diamond embossed trousers.

Windy Day Blues

 This handmade ceramic wall feature depicts a woman in a blue dress with a gold leaf fan and hat adorned with brightly coloured feathers.

Timeless Elegance and Fun

Handmade sculpture of five male singers in bronze attire, lost in the beauty of their performance."

Silence Isn't Golden Here

Woodland Wonders: Handmade Oblong Flower Vase with Sgraffito Toadstool Relief"

Woodland Wonders

This is a handcrafted double-skinned bowl with a pale blue exterior, cloud-surrounded interior, raised figures, and inscribed words.

Whimsical Sky Bowl

Handmade Porcelain Pendants: Delicate Beauty to Wear

Explore the delicate charm of our handmade porcelain pendants, each piece crafted with meticulous care and artistic detail. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any outfit, these pendants embody the beauty of wearable art. Add a piece of memorable art to your jewelry collection with our beautiful porcelain pendants.

Elegantly Crafted: Our porcelain pendants are shaped, glazed, and fired with precision, resulting in exquisite jewelry that stands out.

Versatile Style: Suitable for casual wear or special occasions, these pendants complement any wardrobe and make excellent gifts for jewelry lovers.

Unique Designs: From intricate patterns to modern minimalistic styles, each pendant is a unique creation, ensuring no two are alike.

Handmade Porcelain Garden Mobiles: Enchanting Outdoor Decor

Bring a touch of whimsy to your garden with our handmade porcelain garden mobiles. Crafted with care and artistic flair, these mobiles blend beauty and tranquility, perfect for enhancing outdoor spaces. Transform your garden into a serene retreat with our porcelain garden mobiles.

Delicately Crafted: Each mobile is carefully made from fine porcelain, offering a gentle and elegant look that complements the natural environment.

Enhance Your Garden: Ideal for gardens, patios, or balconies, these mobiles create a serene atmosphere with their subtle movements and soothing sounds.

Unique and Durable: Designed to withstand the elements, our garden mobiles are not only unique but also durable, ensuring lasting beauty in your outdoor space.

Handmade toadstool mobile with embossed decorations on driftwood support, suspended by a weatherproof cord."

Enchanted Forest

Handmade ceramic bumblebee mobile on driftwood support with weatherproof cord and wooden-coloured decorations."

Buzzing Beauty

To Be Added

Handmade ceramic white heart mobile adorned with pastel-coloured flowers and a tiny silver bell, perfect for garden decor."

Tranquil Melodies Mobile

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