Changing Room

I had the idea (eureka moment) of creating a scene and thought what better than a Men’s Changing room!

Double Act

Ceramic comical sculpture “Double act” two men dressed smartly singing their hearts out in front of an audience on stage.

Watch out Crabs!

In this one of a kind Driftwood & Ceramic sculpture a father with his children is suddenly beset by an army of crabs!

Welcome to Artdor Gallery

A collection of Sculpture, Ceramics
by well-known sculptor Dorienne Carmel plus Fine Art Jewellery 

Handcrafted Ceramic Sculptures

Artdor Gallery offers High-quality Ceramic Sculptures, Bronze Garden Sculpture, and Portrait Sculpture Commissions created by Dorienne Carmel.

Commissions from Photos

Ceramic sculpture

See my Ceramic Handmade Sculptures from your photo’s
Just supply a good photo (1Mb or more) plus your requirements

Jewellery & Dog Coats

Fine Art Jewellery Necklaces, Brooches, and Earrings. In addition to sculptures, you will also find Handmade FineArt Jewellery designs.

My Studio

Kiln Hire Available on request. Call to browse my Sculpture Garden

Dorienne Carmel

I create a range of Bronze-Ceramic and Ceramic and Driftwood sculptures plus Fine Art Jewellery.

All of my Ceramic sculptures are handmade and created in my studio. Looking for a unique sculpture for your home or garden or an original item of Jewellery, please browse my shop.

Bespoke pieces and commissions are also available, so if you would like any further information, please get in touch!

Why not commission a whimsical portrait sculpture of a friend or loved one?

“I hope you find whatever you are looking for here. If I don’t have something that suits your needs – I will make it for you, whether it be Hoblin, Goblin, Bronze, Ceramic or whatever our minds can dream up together.” 

Dorienne Carmel

All enquiries are absolutely welcome. Please call or email for an appointment to see my Sculpture Garden and Studio.

To make an appointment please call me, Dorienne Carmel, on 0778 060 0470 or contact me via email or using the form here.

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